Slovakia and Western pricing

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Convergence. Development. Sustainability. Questions of today's. Truly, we face a set of varying issues, spanning from immense contrasts in our societies. As ever, we are rich of materials. As ever, we are able to perceive that...

the other has seemingly more. In today's world, there are various descriptions why is it so and why differences persist. This had been followed by differing solutions and approaches to our challenges. As to most, we have initiatives that target to resolve the ,,crisis" of difference. Mostly it is shaped through common visions. Common markets, common goals, common laws etc. Sometimes, we forget in the midst of everything that if we live in a worldwide, converging global economy, the convergence is of a desire (let's leave aside conspiracy theories about Bildenberg, World Wide New Order or Davos, that is to sell our souls to capitalism). All, honestly, is pointless. The individual is the master of today. Presence is a present. Back to the topic. If speaking of convergence, we tend to call it convergence of living standards - which stands for how much you might or should be able to afford for your wage. Logically, what stops is the price. Of your rent, groceries etc. You just get price tags everywhere and it is normal. We have to be motivated by values, having everything free as air would result into... well, just look how we pollute the air. Stop it. Prices determine us, after the wages do. Monetary equilibrium as well. This concept is highly demanding for exploration, one of pioneers was Marx meanwhile discovering the concept of exploitation - meanwhile he had forgotten the aspect of needed managerial ability to conduct any business venue, which equals almost artistic capabilities, as the process of creation in art is convergent, as in creation of business plans & models and solutions (products) for the market. So, if artists had been historically priced extremely, why call skilled entrepreneurism for exploitation? Sorry for this side slide, still, it was a really important one.

Prices differ in almost all european countries and having zero transportation costs, there would be an immense amount of price arbitrages that would have had occur. As for having an economy, that is not zero price tag called, it is not true. For instance on the financial markets where news are put on the wire and influencing trade-able instruments almost in a rate of seconds, if not nano seconds, real world economy is not that and it mostly stands on the aspects of not being interconnected into one market and does not simply function on an electronic base - imagine eBay - there is it slightly possible, to converge almost internationally, therefore, a little it happens. Still, most of our economy is practical, tangible and not a subject of dynamic change, price evaluation and changes. This sphere also consists of being limited by languages, cultures and habits - there is no international trade if you do not set up a business and contracts with a foreign counter party, so as to say, it is a desire to build a personal connection to make things happen accros the border, that is the age we are probably just starting in Europe once more again = free trade area, free borders and the same currency. We even have interested participants from the Middle East, almost a million already and the perspective is so high, that they sail in ships. 

Imagine Norway, Slovakia, Croatia. If we speak of human needs, do they differ? If we speak of desires to have the same comfort, does it differ? (well yes, but that in the light of their environment, obviously a croatian would like a boat; a norwegian would like a set of skies). Do they wish for different future for their kids? No, no, no. simply put, we desire the same practically. Theoretically, that, excuse me to not elaborate totally in a comprehension and reason (would have taken ages to explain, so sorry - later) depends on the price environment. The concept and possible perception of signs that it is alike comes with flattening of currency differences - therefore through having the same currency across countries. It is alike possible to be observed in single countries, such as Slovakia. The developed capital has a different range of prices as developing and rural east. Prove of an argument, that people desire kinda the same, is showed by migration to work - well, if convergence does not work through wide price convergence, a physical movement has to take place. What has to be compared is maybe the difference in country perspectives. Compare the difference of pricing in rural counties of Norway and in a rural counties in Slovakia. Its immense, you only start to wonder what from the retailers are living from, if you buy a beer for a such low price, somewhere. I put this for your possible imagination and abstract thinking. 

Why I believe the pricing convergence is upon our decision? Because a level of price, a level of wage, a decision with relevance to a certain price level, for example when concerning an IPO, rent or anything is based upon an individuals in communication. Its a product of people. Of lawfully binding projects. Who is to form them, as us?

to be continued 


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