PPP and Slovakia

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This blog post is set down in connection to the work on my thesis which is concerned with the way...

of PPP financing of infrastructure project. The world is full of immense examples of ongoing projects that connect a vas array of stakeholders that together contribute to the successful foundation of a project, of a such scale, as a PPP in practice. Many examples conclude results, that are simply impressive - varying from great journeys into tunnel building, health care provision or highways construction. As connection to my thesis. This one is related to the working process of PPP project producing the outcome of highway in Bratislava and its circuit road design, with a set of affiliated bridges, circuits, tunnel etc. By an result is an outcome of banking diplomacy, design initiative and else efforts. The relevant thing is, it is in a standard a common, world practice. Just recently, just now, more and more attention is being put onto design and completion of these projects and perspective of its further development into something great is immense, that either in developing world and the developed world. If you ask what to develop in Africa, well, you are a fool (pardon me) - the concept is simple, infrastructure as a whole, maybe more profound is that the managerial ability, negations skills, strategy making and integral individuals have to be trained too. That is an aching point and in my opinion might be also the result, why us, in Slovakia, suffer from undeveloped infrastructure, meanwhile the world is overloaded of cheap capital as ever in the all known economical history (maybe apart from the Wienmar republic, of which monetary tactics results we are now afraid, so we do not get this cheap) etc. I feel sorry to fire into my own ,,standings and footings", just to say, international criticism would judge by the same weight and planning should have taken place in our circumstances. Well, if there is not enough of potential candidates to do so, lets work with the Youth! Ask them for a professional job, I am sure they would be keen. A lot more as keen to work at a greenfield factory exporting overseas nextdoor, where they grandmother used to grow potatoes. Lastly, if it comes to PPP, even the west is lacking ahead. The European Commision has approved that in one of their recent White and Green Papers on Transportation in Europe in the forecast to 2030. Simple as that, maybe in France the trains are fast, but please, look at China. PPP is a benefit for anybody, Finland as one of the most innovative practice countries experiments for a while, the Brits even sooner - bow for them. Us? Lets develop us. I will let this series slowly continue, as my thesis will develop. In english language, because I would like to tweet in an international environment about the actualities that are going on, as my opinions shape etc. 

Thanks, more is to come.

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