Myslím, teda som

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Is it real, are we defined by what we think, as we stick to the idea that, we think, we are? By the famous quote of you know who, saying that: I think, therefore I am?! It is thought that with regards to this quotation, we simply are defined, as I noted out up, by our thougths.  In this article, I try to deny this. I am not going to post you academic articles as a reference, but more my own thoughts, experience from my daily life and occasional notices, which I do enjoy throughtout my day, or did enjoy throughtout my life journey. I can not disagree or totally abolish the scientific aspect of my perservance upon this topic, but it is at all plain and not coherent, as to give you some serious interpretation of my idea with thanks to it, it just gave me some inspiration and ideas.  

So do we think or we do something else in the first place? We are learned to think, therefore, thinking as a process is something what is latter, not the first thing in place. What we are not learned, maybe thoroughly, or just by our own mistakes or movements in life, is what we feel. Feeling is ... I consider it as a response to outer environment (I have not readen any definition with regards to this), for me, it is definetly an response. You feel heat, the body respons with an alarm, you feel spicy food, your body respons with endorphines releasal, you meet a close humain being, your body starts to tremble. It is not what you think in the first place, that reacts, it is what you feel in the first place what acts and moves inside you. 

How do we gain experience, knowledge, wisdom or the other things for which we are in the work process or in the educational system. (?) By inserting informations into our memory and trying to understand aspects of life without actually feeling it. Just wanted to make a remark, will get back to this later. 

Everybody definetely heard about the method of learning, that is called, learning-by-doing (more correctly named, learning by failing). Special on this method is, what I call, going througth the feeling process. Your body actually may response and that is the correct way of our organism learning process. This is a second remark preceding the continuous part of the first article.

I say, we feel, we are. Let me show you why. Briefly, I have tried to point it out in the first article. I would like to give you now a short example of the learning process by feeling. You got a child, she or he plays with candle. What happens, is that the child moves his hand over the flame of the candle. No thinking involved, just curiosity. What happens is that, the child experiences pain, what is in the first place a feeling. Feeling followed with a notice, do not do this again, it hurts. The brain is just an interpretation of the situation that has happened in the first place. 

So can we say that the brain defines is, if the brain serves just as an interpretation centre of our body, not the place where exactly the real responses to real life take place? Can we be so naive, just to think that our thoughts are the most important in defining ourselves? 

Everytime you see, hear, experience a situation, be carefull of your interpretator, it may fool you. It is a thing adjusted to intepretating and highly involves your past experiences, feelings stored inside yours. 

To be real, be clean, be calm and listen to your body. The sound of its voice is the real voice of yours, remember, the brain, is not all.

Haven readen a lot regards the project and absolved a course of Australian university: The science of everyday thinking (

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